Founded with passion and commitment, this society is more than just an association of cinephiles. It is a tribe of Romanian film lovers dedicated to bringing to the forefront the richness and diversity of Romanian cinematic culture.

The fundamental purpose of the Timișoara Film Society is to promote and share the undeniable richness of Romanian cinematography. The society provides a dedicated platform for native cinema, emphasizing the creativity and significant contribution of the Romanian film industry.


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Preparation for filming involves coordinating technical and artistic teams, scouting locations, and arranging costumes, and essential elements. The team comprises a director, producer, cinematographer, editor, and other talented professionals. With a solid team and a well-crafted script, the Timișoara Film Society brings forth a captivating story about the love for Romanian cinematography.


With high-performance video cameras, quality lighting, and sound equipment, we ensure that we have a remarkable production. Our solid infrastructure and talented staff position us excellently to accomplish projects of superior cinematic quality. We have the necessary tools to bring your cinematic ideas to life.


Our team benefits from a dedicated studio equipped with all the necessary facilities for critical processes in filmmaking. Film editing, virtual production and CGI, ADR (automated dialogue replacement), film music composition, and sound effects production (foley) are all handled within this well-equipped space. This comprehensive facility serves as an extension of our creativity, ensuring that every aspect of production receives detailed attention.


If you need further information, please send a message using the form. You will receive a response from the TFS team as soon as possible.